Free GRE and MCAT test prep

This year we are offering Free GRE and MCAT test prep. We have a limited # of licenses from $774 value *guaranteed improvement. 

Licenses will be offered on a first-come-first-serve base for students that complete the following, 1) a mentoring meeting with one of our graduate students, 2) attend a professional development workshop of choice, and 3) do 1hr of service. The service can either be done with our group or with any other that you like. 

General test prep advice

We recommend that you schedule your GRE test date early, which will focus your studying efforts. Try to pick a time of year where you can dedicate a significant block of time every day to studying. Then take a practice test. Here is a link to some free materials online.  

The U library offers a few good books to work from. Check out one or all of these books and work all the way through it. Do not check out or buy books before 2014. The test changed after that date. Each book will have practice tests. These books have practice tests and do as many as you can to get your average score. 

  • Title: Manhattan Prep GRE (2014)
  • Location: Marriott Library Level 2: Ready Reference Knowledge Commons (LB2367.4 .M36 2014 )
  • Description: Guide 1. Algebra -- Guide 2. Fractions, decimals, & percents -- Guide 3. Geometry -- Guide 4. Number properties -- Guide 5. Word problems -- Guide 6. Quantitative comparisons & data interpretation -- Guide 7. Reading comprehension & essays -- Guide 8. Text completion & sentence equivalence. 
    Set of 8 GRE strategy guides, each with subtitle: GRE strategy guide. Includes 6 free practice exams per guide. 
    Cover title. 
  • Title: 5 lb. book of GRE® practice problems : GRE® strategy guide supplement.
  • Location: Marriott Library Level 2: Ready Reference Knowledge Commons (LB2367.4 .F58 2015 )
  • Description: Verbal diagnostic test -- Math diagnostic test -- Text completions -- Sentence equivalence -- Reading comprehension Logic-based reading comprehension -- Arithmetic -- Algebra -- Inequalities and absolute values -- Functions, formulas, and sequences -- Fractions and decimals -- Percents -- Divisibility and primes -- Exponents and roots -- Number properties -- Word problems -- Two-variable word problems -- Rates and work -- Variables-in-the choices problems -- Ratios -- Averages, weighted averages, median and mode -- Standard deviation and normal distribution -- Probability, combinatorics, and overlapping sets -- Data interpretation -- Polygons and rectangular solids -- Circles and cylinders -- Triangles -- Coordinate geometry -- Mixed geometry -- Advanced quant -- Essays -- Verbal practice sections -- Math practice sections -- Vocabulary list. Developed for students taking the Revised GRE General Test, provides over 2,000 practice questions, 1,400 vocabulary words, and math and verbal diagnostic tests. 

Other resources

  • Flash cards are a great idea. The library doesn't have any but I'll try to get some for the group.
  • Apps
  1. Pervasive GRE is a chrome extension helps you build GRE vocabulary while you surf the web.