Applying to grad school is complex, and many underrepresented students might not have the insider information necessary to navigate this process successfully. This advisory was created to help female, minority, LGBTQ, and non-traditional students with all parts of the application process. We offer one on one meetings to discuss; taking the GRE, essays, choosing programs to apply for, funding, important elements to add to the CV, interviewing, advisors, publications, presentations, and more broadly how to stay sane but get into a program that you will love!

All students are welcome to join!

Schedule one on one mentoring with current graduate students from diverse backgrounds to discuss all topics related to grad school application and beyond. 


Current graduate student mentors

Spencer Castro, President: NSF Graduate Research Fellow. Member of the Southern Sierra Miwok 

Lauren Williams, Vice President: NSF Graduate Research Fellow

Erica Barhorst-Cates

Danielle Geerling

Mary Jane Simms


Download the DGSAA application tips sheet